The Greening of Capitola Veterinary Hospital – Partnerships

Posted on Jun 5th, 2012, 04:54 PM America/Los_Angeles

Along with making our office and work spaces as environmentally low-impact as we can in the ways described in last month’s article, we have also focused on developing partnerships with community groups, other local businesses, and vendors who support our mission to practice with respect for life and Earth. Here are some further details on these partnerships:

  • Our main distributor of veterinary supplies is MWI. We chose MWI because of their carbon-neutral shipping policy, which means that they use the minimum amount of shipment packaging and all packing materials are 100% recycled. MWI also participates in tree-planting to offset its carbon footprint.
  • We have also partnered with MWI (Vetstreet) to help us manage our online store and appointment reminder system. When our clients purchase products from our online store, those products are shipped to them in the same way that they would be shipped to us – in a carbon neutral way.
  • Merial is another one of our vendors, which we use for vaccinations and other medicines. Many of these items need to be kept cool and therefore are delivered in Styrofoam containers (not so eco-friendly). Fortunately, we have created up a recycling program for theses containers so that they never have to enter the landfill.
  • We chose Bonny Doon Garden Company as our florist. This wonderful organization uses only local, organic, and sustainably grown flowers.
  • Every hospital has bills to pay and a veterinary Hospital is no exception.  We work closely with our bookkeeper to pay our bills by credit card whenever possible.  For those vendors who require a paper check, we print these on recycled paper.
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