Parasite Prevention

We can provide several options for parasite prevention with different combinations of coverage that can be tailored to your pet’s exposure.  In most cases, fleas, ticks, and other parasites can be mere annoyances.  In others, these pests can cause a variety of health problems including allergic reactions, hotspots, anemia, and Lyme disease.  Keeping your pet on parasite control can keep them healthy as well as prevent these diseases from being passed onto your family.

Fleas have complex life cycles and getting rid of them can be difficult.  Generally, a single treatment will not do it and if multiple pets in the house have them, a more aggressive approach may be necessary.  Our climate is very mild and fleas do not have a specific season in this area.  Therefore, we highly recommend year round parasite control.



We also recommend annual fecal tests for your pets.  Intestinal parasites can be picked up very easily and sometimes your pet may not always exhibit unusual symptoms.  Yearly testing should be paired with year round prevention to provide your pet with the best health possible.

Products We Recommend

  • Trifexis – flea and heartworm prevention (K9)
  • Bravecto – flea and tick prevention (K9)
  • Revolution – topical prevention for fleas, ear mites, heartworm, and intestinal parasites (K9 and Feline)
  • Comfortis – flea only (K9 and Feline)
  • Cheristin – flea only (Feline)
  • Heartgard – heartworm prevention (K9)

If you would like more information, please read our handout on Flea Control or contact us.

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