Our Facilities




To provide the best possible care for our patients we use state of the art diagnostic and treatment equipment, including:

  • Digital x-ray – for both dental and body images, it’s much safer for your pet, easier to share with specialist consultants, and they are much faster and clearer compared to film x-ray.
  • Laser Therapy – for arthritis or joint pain and surgical incision sites. It eases pain and inflammation and encourages faster healing along suture sites.
  • In house lab equipment – the ability to run lab work right in our hospital. While there are some tests that must be outsourced to IDEXX Laboratories, when possible, we will use our own equipment.  This allows us to obtain results much faster and can be more cost effective for our clients.
  • In house ultrasound – a non-invasive way to look at the inside of an organ, it’s used to help diagnose and assist in treating many conditions.


There are many animals that get nervous when paying a visit to their veterinarian.  We try to make them as comfortable as possible.  Our hospital has separate entrances for dogs and cats, private, secure exam rooms, and a large treatment area that allows our patients to never feel overcrowded.

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