Wet Cat Food for Cats is Best…

Posted on Mar 29th, 2010, 11:52 AM America/Los_Angeles

Our veterinarians at Capitola Veterinary Hospital strongly believe that wet cat food is the way to go for your beloved feline. Why is this? Because unlike dogs, cats digest animal protein, not plant based protein. According to Lisa Pierson, DVM, and contributing author at www.catinfo.org, wet cat food provides three distinct advantages: first, it is animal protein based. Second, it does not provide carbs which causes weight and digestive issues. And third, it provides water which needs to be ingested with food in order to have proper digestion.

We love your pets  and will make whatever recommendations we can to keep them healthy. And that’s really important because your pets can’t tell you when they’re sick. Too often, painful and costly illnesses are completely avoidable by making the right choices for our pets from the start.

To learn more about the benefits of wet food over dry for cats, check out Dr. Pierson’s article at www.catinfo.org.

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