Heartworm Disease Requires Year Round Attention

Posted on Oct 1st, 2009, 10:59 AM America/Los_Angeles

Heartworm disease is a mosquito borne illness that can be fatal to our pets. Good news is that it is preventable and when caught early on, is often curable. As Santa Cruz veterinarians, where heartworm is particularly prevalent, we deal with the prevention and treatment of heartworm very aggressively. And remind our clients that in our climate, it is a year round vigilance.
So what is heartworm and do I need to be concerned for my pet? Yes, you do need to be concerned for your pet. In this article from the Heartworm society. the disease is described: what it is, how animals get it, how to prevent it and how to recognize/treat it in your pets. The most important things to do are to stay on top of heartworm prevention, no matter the age of your pet. Even though we are coming into a mosquito hiatus, it is crucial to be aware of changes in your pet’s behavior and habits that could indicate sickness.
If you have any questions or concerns about heartworm in your pets, please do not hesitate to contact Capitola Veterinary Hospital right away.

Every days counts!

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