Green Certification Achieved!

Posted on Jul 31st, 2012, 03:39 PM America/Los_Angeles

We are very proud to announce that we have recently become the second general practice veterinary hospital in the state of California to receive Green Certification! Being as environmentally low-impact as possible is a big part of our philosophy at Capitola Veterinary Hospital, and it’s also one of our favorite pastimes! Although there are quite a few steps to becoming a green business, it hasn’t felt like much work at all for us to make this change. In fact, it’s been much more of an enjoyable experience – for staff members and clients too! And it’s great to know that thousands of current and future clients and patients will benefit from these efforts!

Over the last two years we have made tremendous strides towards being as “green” as we can. Here are a few highlights of our endeavors:

  1. Digitalizing all patient records, in-hospital, and client communications
  2. Installing digital x-ray processing units
  3. Saving water with low-flow toilets and sinks
  4. Using only all-natural and bio-degradable soaps
  5. Adding more recycling stations
  6. Developing partnerships with select vendors and local groups who share our passion for protecting and preserving nature

For more information about the “Greening” of Capitola Veterinary Hospital, please take a moment to read through these selected blog entries:


You can see us listed on the Monterey Bay Green Business Program’s website at the following address:


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