Capitola Veterinary Hospital Winter Newsletter

Posted on Dec 4th, 2018, 06:06 PM America/Los_Angeles

Dental Special

Dental health for our pets is just as important as it is for us! However, understandably, most owners find it difficult to brush their pets’ teeth daily, weekly, or even at all. Over time, bacteria can grow and cause infections and ultimately varying stages of periodontal disease which can then lead to many other health issues. Dental cleanings performed under anesthesia is the only way to make sure your pet’s oral and general health is in tip top shape! We want all pet owners to get excited about oral health for their pets; so each pet that gets a dental cleaning procedure between the dates of October 1 through February 28th, 2019 will go home with a home dental kit ($75 value)! This kit will include Healthy Mouth (a water additive that prevents buildup of plaque), daily dental treats, a toothbrush, toothpaste (appropriately flavored of course!), etc.

Plus, every pet that gets a dental will be entered for a chance to win a “Home Dental Care Basket” and a year’s supply of any Royal Canin brand food for one pet!

Call our office to schedule your pet’s dental cleaning procedure today, and help get your pet on the right track to oral health!




Certified Green Business

Capitola Veterinary Hospital is proud to announce its re-certification as a Green Business through the California Green Business Network! A Certified Green Business complies with environmental regulations in the areas of waste, energy, water, pollution prevention, and air quality; and requires re-certification every three years.

Capitola Veterinary Hospital strives to be completely paperless with all electronic medical records and programs, and uses as many environmentally friendly products as possible; from the oral health products all the way down to the post-consumer recycled tissue paper! On top of that, our practice is powered by 100% renewable wind energy. Capitola Veterinary Hospital is dedicated not only to the health and well-being of its patients, but to conserve this planet we call home.

To learn more about the California Green Business Network please visit their website:



Client Referral Rewards Program

Do you love bringing your pet to Capitola Veterinary Hospital? Tell your friends! We are offering Referral Rewards! Get a $50 credit on your account for every new client you refer! Here at Capitola Veterinary Hospital, we want to give as well as receive, and say thank you for all your business and support! Just tell your friends to give us your name at their first appointment and a $50 credit will be applied directly to your account to be used towards any purchase or service.





Enjoy being a client at Capitola Veterinary Hospital? Refer us to others, or write a review on our Nextdoor page! Nexdoor is a private social network where community members can find recommendations or referrals from others in their very own neighborhood. Visit our Nexdoor Page at:




Monterey Community Power

As a Green Business, Capitola Veterinary Hospital wanted to inform our clients about the wonderful practices of Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP). MBCP is a not-for-profit agency formed to provide locally-controlled, carbon-free electricity to the residents and businesses in the Tri-County region of Monterey (including Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties). They procure electricity from carbon-free sources such as Solar, Wind, and Hydroelectric, and use the Community Choice Energy (CCE) model, established by the State of California, which allows communities to choose clean-source power, but matching PG&E prices. In addition, MBCP returns surplus revenues to its customers and community – either as a credit on their bill or donated to the community.

This switch occurred in the Spring of 2018, and all current PG&E customers were automatically enrolled in MBCP in the MBchoice program; it was an easy switch since MBCP will deliver its customers clean, carbon-free electricity over the existing PG&E power lines; which PG&E will continue to maintain and provide customer service.

MBCP offers several program options that allow the customer to choose where the return savings goes. MBchoice is the standard offering that is automatically available to all customers where a minimum of 3% rebate will be applied as a credit to their bill. Capitola Veterinary Hospital has opted into the MBGreen program which allows us to redirect the rebate to support the procurement, and eventually the development of local renewable resources located within our tri-county region.

To learn more about Monterey Bay Community power, please visit their site at:



Locally Owned Family Practice

Capitola Veterinary Hospital is a locally owned, family practice that cares about its community. This hospital is one of only a handful of privately owned practices left in Santa Cruz County. Being a privately owned practice versus a corporate owned practice allows us to focus on what is most important: your pets. Since our doctor appointment times are longer than those offered at many other hospitals, our doctors are thorough and answer any questions you have right in the exam room. Our doctors are able and willing to call or email pet owners personally, to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Since we are a smaller practice, you don’t have to worry about a crowded or noisy lobby for those pets that may be a little more sensitive. Our staff always takes the extra step to ensure excellent care and service is provided for you and your loved ones; may it be a personalized email from the doctor, a call to check in on your pet or a friendly reminder for your upcoming appointment. It’s our goal to make your visit as stress free as possible.

We take pride in the fact that we know many of our clients by name, just as they know ours! Not everything is about business, we feel connected with our clients and patients on a more personal level; giving and receiving gifts, exciting news, and even Christmas cards! We are honored to feel like family, and hope you feel the same when you visit Capitola Veterinary Hospital.


Banff Mountain Film Festival

Come take a walk on the wild side and enjoy some amazing, adventurous cinematography at the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour at the Rio Theater! These great works of art will be shown February 21 – 24 at 7 pm. Capitola Veterinary Hospital is a main sponsor of this event, and will be donating a gift certificate to give away at each showing. Even our staff joins in the fun! Tickets are available online at starting December 15 or in person at the Bicycle Trip (cash or check only). The proceeds from this festival benefit the UCSC Wilderness Orientation Scholarship Fund. Hope to see you there!

For more information, please visit:



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